XJD Baby Balance Bikes Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls 10-24 Months Cute Toddler First Bicycle Infant Walker Children No Pedal 4 Wheels 1st Birthday Gift

Bicycles without pedals called “kick bikes”, “running bikes”, and “balance bikes” are for preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years old. Since there are no pedals, you can kick the ground with your feet and ride in a balanced manner. Some types do not have a break, in which case you can control it by stopping it with your foot. In addition to the well-known “Strider”, many models are sold by each manufacturer and there are many types. The balance bike can be used not only in the park near the house but also as an item for outdoor leisure, so you can easily load it in the car and go out, so the range of children’s outdoor play will expand.

This XJD Baby Balance Bikes Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls 10-24 Months Cute Toddler First Bicycle Infant Walker Children No Pedal 4 Wheels 1st Birthday Gift best recomend balance bikes for your kids.

XJD Baby Balance Bikes Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls 10-24 Months Cute Toddler First Bicycle Infant Walker Children No Pedal 4 Wheels 1st Birthday Gift

Product Description:

Safe Riding Toys for 1 Year Old Boy Girl Ideal Baby Bike

  • SAFETY DESIGN: No pedals design; fully&widen enclosed wheels ensure baby feet safety; 135° steering limited to avoid baby side falling. This toddler bike creates a smooth, easy ride for young infants

  • LEARN TO RIDE: Recommended ages for 10-24 months. The infant balance bike is the best birthday gift for the toddler to learn walking and riding. It helps to develop babies’ balance, steering, coordination, and gain confidence at an early age. These make this push bike your top picks for the best ride on toys for 1 year old

  • ❤️ STURDY AND COMFORTABLE: The baby balance bike equips sturdy carbon steel, non-slip EVA handle, and a softly supportive seat

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The baby bike has a modular design Just need to install within 2-3 minutes (no tools required). You can easily put it in the trunk of a car for use in parks, mall or wherever toddler would rather ride than walk

  • PERFECT GIFT: XJD bikes have been passed American Security Testing Laboratory ASTM F963-11, EN71, CE certification approved safety testings required, all the materials and designs are safe for kids, please feel assured to choose. Well packed in gift Box, great first bike Christmas present choice

  • Which is better: a balance bike or a three or four-wheel bike

    Why is balancing bicycle riding better for young children under 4-5 years old? First of all, because it is too difficult for a small person to do many complex tasks at the same time while traveling.

    When riding a bicycle, the baby must be at the same time:

    To maintain balance

    To tread

    Evaluate the environment and control the direction of travel using the helm.

    Use the brakes correctly and on time.

    Children from the age of 5 can cope with all of these at once. But for a 2-3-year-old baby is too difficult.

    Balance problems can be corrected with three or four bikes. But there is a more serious question: how weak a child’s legs must be tread. He doesn’t have the strength for it.

    On the other hand, many adults find it more comfortable to ride on a tricycle with front-wheel pedals. We can disappoint them. If you naturally position an adult while observing the proportions, he himself will feel all the “charm” of this engineering solution and understand that the pedals are not on the front wheels, which is very inconvenient.

    Not only the front legs, and to drive the car, you have to pedal yourself. But when you turn the steering wheel, too, not all young drivers have their feet on these pedals. The classic pedal arrangement using the chain drive between the wheels is the most convenient option.

    In the following, if you are using a regular kid’s bicycle with lateral wheels, it will be too heavy even for 4-5-year-olds, not to mention younger children. They had no energy to move this “giant” out of its place.

    In such a case, the balance bike will come to the rescue. Everything was simple in him – he kicked the ground and drove off.

    What should you consider when choosing a balance bike for your child?

    Measure your feet Before buying a running bike for your child, you need to measure your baby’s legs and measure their length in centimeters – from foot to groin, subtract 2-3 cm from the results you get in calculating the height of the cycling seat.

    What happens if you make a mistake when choosing a balance bike?

    Small balance bikes have to be replaced by bigger ones leading to financial costs. If cycling is large, the baby may lose interest as cycling will be difficult and inconvenient.

    Choose a weight for ease of movement. You should choose a lighter model for beginner riders and a heavier one for older children.

    Choose the type of wheels Running bikes for kids to have different types of wheels. The first is simple tire inflation. Movement is smooth The second type of wheels is foam rubber, which is quite reliable. It helps you to overcome various obstacles on the road without damaging the wheels. One problem is low depreciation. For this reason, the rider will experience discomfort while riding as all bumps and uneven road surfaces will be felt.

    Choose the type of brake When buying, keep in mind that if your child is just learning to ride this device, it’s best to buy a vehicle without brakes. The child, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, can slow down with his feet. But models of balance bikes, equipped with a hand brake, are suitable for children from 3 years old. Thanks to the brakes, the child will be able to control the speed of cycling, and in the future, when he gets on the bike, he will easily cope with braking.

    What is a balance bike made of?

    Wooden Balance Bike The main disadvantage of this model is that there is a significant adjustment in the weight and seat steps. However, wooden balance bikes are popular in Europe and Japan due to their environmental friendliness and modern design.

    Plastic balance bike The model has a solid structure. The stylish and striking design and lightweight In most models it is not possible to adjust the seat and steering wheel, which is a big disadvantage.

    Metal balance bike If you are in doubt about buying plastic or wooden balance bike, you should pay attention to the equipment made of aluminum or steel. There will be no doubt about its strength and reliability. Initially, it was difficult for children to cope with such a model because the balance bike was heavy.