TOBBI Three-Wheeled Motorcycle for Kids 3-6 Years, Kids Ride On Motorcycle with Pedal, Music Story Playing, Colorful LED Lights, MP3 Player, Blue

The children’s electric car has ceased to be an exotic toy. You can meet them not only in parks, in rental areas, but also in ordinary courtyards. Every child already dreams of not just driving for at least half an hour, but also having their own electric car. Many parents wonder if they need to buy a children’s electric car. As practice shows, such a purchase will make the child happy for several summer seasons, when he will spend time on the street, driving his own sports car, jeeps, or motorcycle. In order not to rack your brains, choosing the best model from the hundreds presented in the catalog, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of the best models currently available on the domestic market.

This TOBBI Three-Wheeled Motorcycle for Kids 3-6 Years, Kids Ride On Motorcycle with Pedal, Music Story Playing, Colorful LED Lights, MP3 Player, Bluerecomend Kids car your childrens.

TOBBI Three-Wheeled Motorcycle for Kids 3-6 Years, Kids Ride On Motorcycle with Pedal, Music Story Playing, Colorful LED Lights, MP3 Player, Blue

Product Description:

  • [EAST TO DRIVE]: A back and forward button designed on the front of motor seat helps your kid save energy while heading back. The non-slip pedal set on the footrest contributes to controlling speed easier than authentic mode.

  • [SAFE & COMFORTABLE DRIVING EXPERIENCE]: Not like other kids ride on motor, this three- wheeled motor design aims to reinforce the stability of the vehicle, preventing the motor from turning over. A push-stop button set just in front of the seat cushion ensures your kid not to hurt from emergence.

  • [TWO SAVING BOXES]: The motorcycle is also equipped with boot on each side. Put you and your kid’s personal belonging respectively; free your hands; just enjoy the parent-child time at this moment!

  • [RECREATIONAL FUNCTIONS]: Integrated control system including, MP6 player, built-in music along with light, early childhood stories, this ride-on motor for kids adds more entertainment functions, ensuring your kid‘s driving journey more pleasurable. Due to USB, TF card slot, you can play the music and stories in your own list.

  • [BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS]: The 6v electric ride-on car provides three colors for you to choose, suitable for both girls and boys from 3 to 8 years. Featuring the hyper realistic designs of the LED headlight, premium tires, rear mirrors, the ride on motorbike is bound to provide the best driving experience to your kid.

  • What should kids car you look at first

    There are features that you must first of all pay attention to when buying children’s cars on a battery:

    The material from which the toy is made must comply with international environmental safety standards and be sufficiently strong and shock-resistant.

    The undercarriage must be sufficiently mobile.

    The weight of the vehicle should not be too heavy to make it easier to operate and convenient to transport.

    The child should be comfortable, he should freely reach the steering wheel. This is a prerequisite for safe driving and agility.

    When buying a model of an electric car on a battery, the age of the child, his taste preferences, operating conditions, as well as the upcoming storage conditions play an important role.

    Children’s electric cars from 3 to 8 years old must be suitable for the child’s age. The car should be bought in a clear weight and age category since more complex controls can be uncomfortable for a child. In addition, a complex model can increase the risk of accidents.

    The dimensions of the car must correspond to the size of the dwelling, since it is quite difficult to store a large and heavy toy in a small apartment, and it will be simply impossible to transport it in a small elevator.

    If the car is planned to be operated outside the city, you need to choose tires equipped with deep treads, large enough in diameter. Rubber tires are needed for overcoming obstacles, overcoming ups and downs, and for better traction on the grass.

    Let the child choose the model himself, so it will be possible to avoid the fact that he simply does not like the car and he will refuse to ride it.

    The equipment of a children’s electric car from 3 to 8 years old is important. Growing up children will prefer models equipped with many functions that bring the children’s electric car closer to the adult original. And for a small child, you can buy a bright, low-power model, equipped with everything necessary for safe driving.

    And it’s also good when there is a control panel, this will allow you to control the baby’s travels. Almost any model lends itself to repair or tuning, so if you want to improve something, there will be no problem with it.

    What characteristics are important for an electric vehicle

    Before placing an order for an electric car for children, you need to decide on its parameters. The price of a car with a battery will directly depend on the set of functions. The toy should correspond as much as possible to the age category of the child. Most manufacturers offer models in four age categories:

    1-3 years, where cars are presented that are easy to operate and can accelerate to no more than 3 km / h;

    from 3 to 7 years old, where there are cars with a remote control that reach speeds of up to 6 km / h. Such a car is capable of taking on board a child up to 30 kg;

    8-10 years old, where cars have been assembled that have fairly decent speed characteristics, as well as the maximum similarity with their adult counterparts. The carrying capacity of such machines can reach 50 kg, which makes it possible to ride one or two children at the same time;

    11+, the top category of children’s vehicles, where equipment is presented that can take on board not only a child but even an adult weighing up to 125 kg