Smart Gear Pony Cycle Chocolate, Light Brown, or Brown Horse Riding Toy: 2 Sizes: World’s First Simulated Riding Toy for Kids Age 4-9 Years Ponycycle Ride-on Medium

A toy car is the child’s first acquaintance with modern technology, which adults use constantly. Children’s electric cars can not only move but also have some other functions of real cars. They have bright headlights, taillights, dimensions and, on some models, turn signals. Toys can be equipped with car radios capable of picking up radio stations and playing MP3 files. There is a characteristic soundtrack: different types of beeps, the sound of a starting engine – this will delight and entertain the child. You can even buy a smaller copy of a top model of one of the famous car brands. Such toys look like a recognizable real car and attract the attention of children for a long time. We have compiled a list of the best children’s electric vehicles based on expert opinions and feedback from real customers. Our recommendations will help you make the best choice for your requirements and desires.

This Smart Gear Pony Cycle Chocolate, Light Brown, or Brown Horse Riding Toy: 2 Sizes: World’s First Simulated Riding Toy for Kids Age 4-9 Years Ponycycle Ride-on Mediumrecomend Kids car your childrens.

Smart Gear Pony Cycle Chocolate, Light Brown, or Brown Horse Riding Toy: 2 Sizes: World's First Simulated Riding Toy for Kids Age 4-9 Years Ponycycle Ride-on Medium

Product Description:

PonyCycle is the world’s First Simulated Riding Toy that doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, but on the child’s own power. Instead of traditional Rocking Horses and Spring Horses which keep the rider in one spot, PonyCycle allows the child to ride wherever they want, making them feel just like they’re on a real horse. By gently bouncing up and down in the saddle, the child makes the head and legs move forward and backward, propelling the PonyCycle forward in a galloping motion. One of the best things about the PonyCycle is that not only does it make a wonderful toy, it’s also a great form of exercise. When children move on their PonyCycle they train a specific group of muscles, meaning that they grow stronger and healthier while having a great time! Riding on a PonyCycle is completely safe. It’s best to find flat, solid ground. Hills should be avoided, PonyCycles don’t have brakes. It’s better not to ride on bumpy surfaces. Never leave a child unsupervised while riding. Wheels do not roll backwards. Make your child’s dream come true and enjoy seeing the joy on their face.

What should kids car you look at first

There are features that you must first of all pay attention to when buying children’s cars on a battery:

The material from which the toy is made must comply with international environmental safety standards and be sufficiently strong and shock-resistant.

The undercarriage must be sufficiently mobile.

The weight of the vehicle should not be too heavy to make it easier to operate and convenient to transport.

The child should be comfortable, he should freely reach the steering wheel. This is a prerequisite for safe driving and agility.

When buying a model of an electric car on a battery, the age of the child, his taste preferences, operating conditions, as well as the upcoming storage conditions play an important role.

Children’s electric cars from 3 to 8 years old must be suitable for the child’s age. The car should be bought in a clear weight and age category since more complex controls can be uncomfortable for a child. In addition, a complex model can increase the risk of accidents.

The dimensions of the car must correspond to the size of the dwelling, since it is quite difficult to store a large and heavy toy in a small apartment, and it will be simply impossible to transport it in a small elevator.

If the car is planned to be operated outside the city, you need to choose tires equipped with deep treads, large enough in diameter. Rubber tires are needed for overcoming obstacles, overcoming ups and downs, and for better traction on the grass.

Let the child choose the model himself, so it will be possible to avoid the fact that he simply does not like the car and he will refuse to ride it.

The equipment of a children’s electric car from 3 to 8 years old is important. Growing up children will prefer models equipped with many functions that bring the children’s electric car closer to the adult original. And for a small child, you can buy a bright, low-power model, equipped with everything necessary for safe driving.

And it’s also good when there is a control panel, this will allow you to control the baby’s travels. Almost any model lends itself to repair or tuning, so if you want to improve something, there will be no problem with it.

What you should pay attention to before buying a car with an electric motor

The choice of children’s electric vehicles should be taken very seriously. The wrong choice of model, color, and technical characteristics can cause inconvenience to both the baby and the parents, which will not allow achieving the planned positive effect of the gift.

Dimensions and carrying capacity

The supporting structure and rigidity are important parameters that affect not only the safety of the baby but also the carrying capacity and overall service life. The body frame takes on all types of loads, both static (mass of parts mechanisms, child’s weight) and dynamic (contact with obstacles, abrupt landing in the passenger compartment).

When buying a children’s electric car, it is worth paying attention not only to the dimensions of the body, interior, as well as the carrying capacity declared by the manufacturer but also to the material from which the frame is made. The presence of an all-metal frame on which the shock-resistant body is fixed is the best option. Such a car is able to protect a child in the event of a mini-accident, and will also serve for many years, and can be donated to friends or acquaintances when the child grows out of it.

Battery capacity and installation features

Depending on the age category, carrying capacity, dimensions, electric motor power and built-in additional options, the car consumes different amounts of energy. In an effort to make the electric vehicle as autonomous as possible, manufacturers install two types of batteries: integrated, removable. According to experts, it is considered optimal when the car is capable of operating in active mode for 60-90 minutes, and the charging time does not exceed 8 hours. The advantage of a removable battery is the ability to significantly increase the riding time by purchasing additional batteries. This solution will be optimal for families where several children are growing up, or if an electric car is bought for a kindergarten or rental.

Case quality

As a rule, the more expensive a children’s car is, the better the materials from which the body parts are made and the interior is finished. Luxury cars are made of impact-resistant plastic, painted with car paint, covered with several layers of varnish, which makes the electric car as similar as possible to a real vehicle. The interior of a premium car can be trimmed with genuine leather, and many owners of adult domestic cars will envy the quality of the trim.


The size of the clearance between the bottom of an electric vehicle and the road surface directly affects a number of characteristics:

high ground clearance, like in jeeps, allows you to ride over rough terrain, forcing pits and fords;

sports models boast a low clearance. Due to the low ground clearance, the downforce increases, which has a positive effect on the car’s handling at high speeds.

Taking into account the condition of the footpaths located in the yards and parks (places where children most often ride), high ground clearance is an additional protection of the bottom and protruding parts from mechanical damage.

Availability of seat belts

Despite the fact that the children’s electric car undergoes the mandatory certification procedure in state control bodies, it is a means of increased danger. To protect the child as much as possible, it is recommended to buy a car with built-in five-point seat belts, which securely fix the driver and passenger in an ergonomic seat. In case of an accident, the child will not fly out of the car and will remain intact or receive minimal damage.

Remote control

Children’s electric car with remote control allows not only children to have fun, but also adults. Every adult is a child at heart and dreams of his own radio-controlled car. Having bought a children’s electric car, he will be able to play with the child, while controlling his route and travel speed. The availability of this option in electric vehicles for children under 3 years of age is especially relevant. At this age, babies do not always know how to drive a vehicle on their own and they need invisible help. Your child will feel confident behind the wheel of a car, even if he does not quite know how to drive it. As a rule, manufacturers offer models with two types of remotes:

radio-controlled ;

Bluetooth connection.

Amortization system

As a rule, children’s electric cars are designed to ride on a smooth and flat surface, therefore they are not equipped with wheel shock absorbers. The damping system is often installed on teenage models or premium battery cars (most often on SUVs). The presence of shock absorbers allows you to ride comfortably on sand, gravel, and stones, which is important for summer cottages and country houses.


Inexpensive models of electric vehicles are usually equipped with solid plastic wheels, which wear out quickly and require replacement after two seasons. More expensive models are sold with removable rubber tires with a special tread, which improves the performance and handling. You can replace these tires yourself, and their service life usually significantly exceeds solid ones.

Additional accessories and functions

Trying to attract the child’s attention for a long time and make the gameplay as interesting as possible, manufacturers complete children’s electric vehicles with additional options, including:

LED illumination of headlights and dimensions;

the instrument panel with battery charge indicator;

direction indicators;

spacious trunk for storing personal items;

a system of sound effects simulating engine operation;

horn, loudspeaker, and siren;

multimedia radio with loudspeakers, the ability to play Mp3, radio and an input designed for connecting external devices such as

mobile phone or player;

opening doors and hood.

Children are thrilled when they get an electric car stuffed with the latest technology.