Kid’s Bike Balance Bike for 2-7 Year Old Kids, Adjustable Height,Steel Frame,Non-Pneumatic Tires, Lightweight, No Petal, Children Bicycle for Boys Girls Christmas

Bicycles without pedals called “kick bikes”, “running bikes”, and “balance bikes” are for preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years old. Since there are no pedals, you can kick the ground with your feet and ride in a balanced manner. Some types do not have a break, in which case you can control it by stopping it with your foot. In addition to the well-known “Strider”, many models are sold by each manufacturer and there are many types. The balance bike can be used not only in the park near the house but also as an item for outdoor leisure, so you can easily load it in the car and go out, so the range of children’s outdoor play will expand.

This Kid’s Bike Balance Bike for 2-7 Year Old Kids, Adjustable Height,Steel Frame,Non-Pneumatic Tires, Lightweight, No Petal, Children Bicycle for Boys Girls Christmas best recomend balance bikes for your kids.

Kid's Bike Balance Bike for 2-7 Year Old Kids, Adjustable Height,Steel Frame,Non-Pneumatic Tires, Lightweight, No Petal, Children Bicycle for Boys Girls Christmas

Product Description:

Comfort and safety: Balance bikes include rubber handlebar handles and soft seats to ensure your child stays stylish and comfortable while riding.

  • Height-adjustable: Suitable for children from 2 to 7 years old, its seat and handle are adjustable to ensure that your child feels comfortable. Balance Bike grows with your child and is approved for up to 6 years of age or a max weight of 80 pounds. ”

  • Pedal-free balance bikes: Balance bikes eliminate pedal interference and allow your child to focus more on learning to ride through balance. Cultivate your child’s confidence in learning balance and cycling. It provides the simplest and most effective way for your child to learn to ride a bicycle. ”

  • Lightweight and durable: The lightweight and durable steel frame will never rust, and the non-pneumatic tires will never deflate. The non-pneumatic tires can provide traction and stability and are suitable for various roads, birthdays or Christmas gifts.

  • Simple installation: the wheels are assembled, and the seat and handlebars need only be installed in the correct position for children. The installation time is about less than 15 minutes.

  • Which balance bike to buy for a child

    A balance bike is the same bike but without pedals. The child is comfortably placed on the seat and pushes off the ground with his legs, maintaining balance, he can slow down at any time. There are quite a lot of such gurneys on the market, but to choose the perfect bike, your child should know a couple of secrets.

    Frame material depends on the age of the baby

    Light plastic models are made for one-year-olds, and aluminum and wooden models are made for older children. They are more reliable and durable, although the latter are afraid of moisture. Steel is rarely used due to its high weight, such frames are already equipped with universal “adult” balance bikes.

    Weight matters too

    For children aged 1 and up to 2.5 years, it is worth purchasing products no more than 2-3 kg, when a child falls, it will be easier to get out from under the gurney, and it is difficult for mothers to carry such weights. The weight of products for 3-5-year-olds can reach 4 kg, and five-year-olds can cope with 5-7 kg large.

    The number of wheels depends on the age and skills of the child. The smaller the child, the more there should be – for stability.

    • Inflatable rubber wheels need pumping up. They have good cushioning, but there is a risk of puncture.
    • Airless tires (EVA) – cast foam wheels. They are not afraid of sharp objects, but they walk better on a flat road.

    The step size determines the height of the model – here you cannot do without fitting

    The measurement is carried out on the inner side of the child’s leg from the groin to the foot and 2-3 cm is subtracted from the resulting number – this is the approximate saddle height that suits him.

    Some models are equipped with brakes

    However, they are optional, unless your child is growing up as a racer. But the footrest will not hurt – the baby will be able to rest while the adults roll it.

    What should you consider when choosing a balance bike for your child?

    Measure your feet Before buying a running bike for your child, you need to measure your baby’s legs and measure their length in centimeters – from foot to groin, subtract 2-3 cm from the results you get in calculating the height of the cycling seat.

    What happens if you make a mistake when choosing a balance bike?

    Small balance bikes have to be replaced by bigger ones leading to financial costs. If cycling is large, the baby may lose interest as cycling will be difficult and inconvenient.

    Choose a weight for ease of movement. You should choose a lighter model for beginner riders and a heavier one for older children.

    Choose the type of wheels Running bikes for kids to have different types of wheels. The first is simple tire inflation. Movement is smooth The second type of wheels is foam rubber, which is quite reliable. It helps you to overcome various obstacles on the road without damaging the wheels. One problem is low depreciation. For this reason, the rider will experience discomfort while riding as all bumps and uneven road surfaces will be felt.

    Choose the type of brake When buying, keep in mind that if your child is just learning to ride this device, it’s best to buy a vehicle without brakes. The child, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, can slow down with his feet. But models of balance bikes, equipped with a hand brake, are suitable for children from 3 years old. Thanks to the brakes, the child will be able to control the speed of cycling, and in the future, when he gets on the bike, he will easily cope with braking.

    What is a balance bike made of?

    Wooden Balance Bike The main disadvantage of this model is that there is a significant adjustment in the weight and seat steps. However, wooden balance bikes are popular in Europe and Japan due to their environmental friendliness and modern design.

    Plastic balance bike The model has a solid structure. The stylish and striking design and lightweight In most models it is not possible to adjust the seat and steering wheel, which is a big disadvantage.

    Metal balance bike If you are in doubt about buying plastic or wooden balance bike, you should pay attention to the equipment made of aluminum or steel. There will be no doubt about its strength and reliability. Initially, it was difficult for children to cope with such a model because the balance bike was heavy.