KaZAM Tyro V2E Adjustable Step-Through Learning Balance Bike for Kids, Black

Bicycles without pedals called “kick bikes”, “running bikes”, and “balance bikes” are for preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years old. Since there are no pedals, you can kick the ground with your feet and ride in a balanced manner. Some types do not have a break, in which case you can control it by stopping it with your foot. In addition to the well-known “Strider”, many models are sold by each manufacturer and there are many types. The balance bike can be used not only in the park near the house but also as an item for outdoor leisure, so you can easily load it in the car and go out, so the range of children’s outdoor play will expand.

This KaZAM Tyro V2E Adjustable Step-Through Learning Balance Bike for Kids, Black best recomend balance bikes for your kids.

KaZAM Tyro V2E Adjustable Step-Through Learning Balance Bike for Kids, Black

Product Description:

We all have those mostly faded, still memorable scars from falling when we were kids. It seemed like a right of passage when learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Thankfully times have changed. Now with the Kazam Neo Balance Bike kids can gradually learn how to balance without the fear of falling. The innovative step-through frame and footrest allow kids to push off at the speed they are comfortable with. Then practice balancing while placing their feet in the usual spot they would go on a real bike. This red beginner bike is fashionable and the perfect way for your little one to quickly join in on the fun of learning to ride a bike. Take away the pedals and the fears with the Neo Balance Bike and help your kids become cycling experts.

Which is better: a balance bike or a three or four-wheel bike

Why is balancing bicycle riding better for young children under 4-5 years old? First of all, because it is too difficult for a small person to do many complex tasks at the same time while traveling.

When riding a bicycle, the baby must be at the same time:

To maintain balance

To tread

Evaluate the environment and control the direction of travel using the helm.

Use the brakes correctly and on time.

Children from the age of 5 can cope with all of these at once. But for a 2-3-year-old baby is too difficult.

Balance problems can be corrected with three or four bikes. But there is a more serious question: how weak a child’s legs must be tread. He doesn’t have the strength for it.

On the other hand, many adults find it more comfortable to ride on a tricycle with front-wheel pedals. We can disappoint them. If you naturally position an adult while observing the proportions, he himself will feel all the “charm” of this engineering solution and understand that the pedals are not on the front wheels, which is very inconvenient.

Not only the front legs, and to drive the car, you have to pedal yourself. But when you turn the steering wheel, too, not all young drivers have their feet on these pedals. The classic pedal arrangement using the chain drive between the wheels is the most convenient option.

In the following, if you are using a regular kid’s bicycle with lateral wheels, it will be too heavy even for 4-5-year-olds, not to mention younger children. They had no energy to move this “giant” out of its place.

In such a case, the balance bike will come to the rescue. Everything was simple in him – he kicked the ground and drove off.

What is a balance bike for

First of all for the health and development of the child. It looks like the baby is already growing up and still running. I would like to take him on a bicycle. But he is still weak for him and of course, he cannot ride. So you have to teach him And these are falls, wounds, bruises, tears, and fears.

Another life observation that young parents immediately ignore is the balance bike weight.

To hold him, especially if the child is very young, it must be the mother or grandmother walking with him. After we always do Mother naturally went for a walk with her child along the way to shop in the store and she was poor, had to drag her son or daughter to buy things, and then this four-wheeled monster if the child was tired of running. In advance with friends, it was difficult for her alone.

  1. On a balance bike, children quickly learn to maintain balance, develop dexterity, and movement coordination. After riding it, he could easily turn it into a two-wheeled bicycle. Many parents’ experience suggests that learning to ride a bike is much faster and easier when you switch from a balance bike.
  2. A Balance bike helps you develop independence. The ability to make decisions quickly and take responsibility for that emerged because this was his transport and he was self-driving, driven, and responsible for it. Another benefit from the same series is that the child learns to assess the terrain and understand how it affects his travels. For example, riding up a hill is more difficult than going up a hill. But when rolling down, you can speed too high and have no time to brake. After a while, walking and traveling, he himself began to look for places where you could walk around obstacles, rocks, curb, high stairs, etc.
  3. A sense of swiftness and self-confidence are promoted during swift travel. The child is not afraid to fall, because whenever he falls, he instinctively puts his feet on the ground. Although it can not be said that people do not fall on the bicycle balance. They fell, especially if they were not just driving anymore. But start doing all sorts of tricks or just “show off” in front of your colleagues. That is why when traveling, you need a helmet on your head and provide better protection to your elbows and knees, especially in summer.
  4. The bike’s movement speed is more stable, your pedicure and walking will be more comfortable. You don’t have to walk slowly and wait for your child all the time. Now, parents often find fault with their children.
  1. The development of both legs is consistent … I’m not a doctor. But some of my friends have been keeping babies’ legs long since birth. We tried several methods, stirrup massages, etc. until one doctor suggested we try riding our child on a balance bike and giving him the opportunity to ride on his own. After a year, all of the leg problems disappeared. The baby’s legs are now equally developed and he feels great. When moving on a scooter, one person stands on it, and the other drives off the ground. The child quickly gets used to this kind of sitting and does not change legs. All mothers’ requests to change legs, if they sounded, were often ignored or quickly forgotten. “Mom, it’s more convenient for me” – this is the answer they heard. As a result, one leg was stronger than the other. When riding a balance bike, both legs will bear weight at the same time and the problem will be solved by itself.
  2. A qualified medical practitioner claims that young children are developing those sensory and motor senses. The more diverse a baby is in motion and movement, the more his brain develops. He does what is called cross roll or skips steps. Their essence is that each shoulder, when moving, is bent to the thigh of the opposite leg. It improves brain function, coordinates the work of both hemispheres. Regularly riding a balance bike makes your child smarter and smarter.
  3. Lightweight compared to bicycles This means that it is easier for children to ride than three or four bikes. It takes much less energy to move a balance bike than a bicycle. And what is very important is that when riding a balance bike, he moves with his legs similar to walking, which is easier than pedaling. Again, the mother dragged the kid and the child’s bike harder than the kid, and the bike always balanced. In addition, the sideways protruding pedals and side wheels do not add convenience in any way, in order to turn the bike you have to bend over, which is not very comfortable. You can hold the running car with the shoulder strap or the rear wheel, with your hands behind the wheel, and the 3-5kg weight is not the largest, and some plastic models for 1.5-2-year-olds generally weigh. 2.5kg, which is lighter than the grocery bag that mom pulled from walking.
  1. Balance bike model with adjustable saddle and handlebar height, as long as you buy a bike. Therefore, if possible, just such a model should be chosen.
  2. You can ride a bicycle all year round: summer and winter, spring and autumn. Some suppliers add two skis to their packages that are mounted on the wheels. True, this only makes sense in areas of the country where snow is normally covered in winter.
  3. It would be great if many of the children in your group had a balance bike, the more social the children were, the more common hobbies they had, the better their socialization. They learn to communicate.
  1. The last one, and perhaps the most important advantage, is that the kids really like them.

The disadvantages of a balance bike

  1. Some children have a relatively high traveling speed, so it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet and a protective cover.
  2. Shoes wear quickly. Children take their feet slower and this results in much faster wear and tear. To combat this problem, you can use special insoles.

3.With stable seat and polyurethane wheels, when driving fast on uneven surfaces will affect the spine. Therefore, for children over 3 years old, it is better to choose a model with wheels with tires and a camera.

  1. Not all children enjoy riding a balance bike. But to be honest, there are very few, this is already – you have to try.