How to choose tricycle for adults

Choosing the right adult tricycle is not difficult. Adult tricycles are becoming more and more popular among the elderly and disabled, as well as cyclists with balance problems. Most trikes have a low frame, making it easier to land. and How to choose tricycle for adults article this below

Tricycles are more stable than two-wheeled bicycles, so if you are in doubt about your ability to ride a regular bike, then buy a tricycle.

Nowadays there are many models of tricycles, which have greatly simplified the selection of a suitable trike. The best tricycle will be the one that best suits your needs, your body size, and your wallet.

Except for the frame, the trike uses the same standard components as conventional two-wheelers. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems with spare parts and repairs. Modern tricycles use new lightweight materials that contribute to a significant reduction in bike weight.

Tricycles have many of the advantages of two-wheeled bicycles, but also some of their disadvantages.

On a trike, you can go as slowly as you want, without having problems keeping your balance. You can rest your feet comfortably on the ground during a stop. In addition, an upright riding position reduces stress on the back, buttocks, and arms. Mostly tricycles can be bought online. Although it is still not clear to me why they are missing from most bike shops.

Trikes are hard to find now, as they are bought mostly by retirees.

Today, tricycles have the same functions as good two-wheeled bicycles. Modern models are much stronger and lighter than the old ones.

How to choose tricycle for adults

What to look for when choosing a tricycle.

When it comes to choosing a tricycle, it is not easy to choose a specific model. There are now many different types and models of tricycles. Below is a list of things to consider before purchasing a tricycle.


Decide how much money you can spend – it doesn’t matter if it is up to $ 500 or over $ 1,000. Once you determine your budget, you can immediately narrow your search down to a list of models for which you have enough money. This will save you a lot of money and time.


You need to identify your needs. Do you want to buy a tricycle just for walking and will ride mostly on flat roads? Then the cheap one-speed model is enough for you. If you have a terrain with a large number of descents and ascents, then in this case you cannot do without a gearshift system. Or maybe you want to buy a trike that won’t take up much space in your apartment? Then your best bet is a folding tricycle.

Who will ride it?

Who will ride this tricycle? If a small adult or a child with special needs will ride it, then choose a tricycle with small wheels and a low frame. For heavier adults, try to get a sturdier bike with larger wheels. If your tricycle will be used by all family members, including children, then choose a model with an adjustable length, such as the Triton Pro tricycle. This trike is suitable for all family members of different heights and body shapes.


Some cyclists love recumbent tricycles for their stylish looks. Some people love the classic upright model like the Schwinn Meridian. This is a matter of your personal preference, just choose the design you like best.

For what purpose are you buying a trike.

Decide what you need a tricycle for. Just to ride it? To get in good physical shape? Or maybe you need a motorized or electric tricycle? These bikes will be difficult to keep fit but are ideal for cyclists in poor physical condition.

Buying your first adult tricycle is a big deal. Understanding your own needs and preferences will make it easier and faster to choose a trike, make the purchase easier and faster.

Types of tricycle 

Semi-recumbent tricycle.

Semi-recumbent tricycle for adults

A reclining tricycle has pedals at the front. It is an intermediate link between a regular and recumbent tricycle. For some older people, a recumbent bike is unsuitable due to the fit, and on a standard tricycle, it is difficult for them to pedal. The semi-recumbent tricycle combines the best features of both types for a very comfortable ride.

Electric tricycle.

Adult Electric Tricycle

Be sure to consider an electric tricycle as a possible contender. On such a bike you can pedal whenever and as much as you want – when you do not pedal, it still continues to move due to the motor-wheel.

Folding tricycle.

Folding tricycle for adults

The folding tricycle is one of the newest bicycles in the cycling world. When choosing a tricycle, be sure to pay attention to folding models, which can help you save significant space in your apartment. You may not have been able to buy a trike before because it took up a lot of space, but now this drawback is in the past.

Folding tricycle electric bicycle.

Folding electric tricycle for adults

The folding electric tricycle has the advantages of folding and electric trike – not only is it easy to store, but easy to ride. Ideal for older cyclists who often live in small apartments or houses. Now they no longer have to choose between a bicycle and, for example, a TV or a wardrobe – such a bicycle does not take up much space.

Tricycle with a low frame.

Tricycle with a low frame for adults

A low frame tricycle may be the only solution for seniors who want to ride a bike but are unable to climb a regular trike.

Three-wheeled tandem.

Three-wheeled tandem for adults

Riding a three-wheeled tandem will allow you to share the pleasure of the ride for two. With a regular tandem, you can reach very high speeds and if you have problems keeping your balance, then it will not work for you. The three-wheeled tandem can become an alternative option since it is not difficult to maintain balance on it.

Three-wheeled chopper.

Three-wheeled chopper for adults

Tricycles have added beauty to the tricycle world. Typically, all choppers have a stylish look that you won’t find on regular bicycles or tricycles. If you want something to stand out from the crowd, then buy a three-wheeled chopper.

Double tricycle.

Double tricycle for adults

A two-seater tricycle is a unique way to travel together and still set the speed for two. It is not necessary that both cyclists pedal at the same time – they can be turned in turn. In addition, it is much easier to talk on such a bike than on a regular tandem, with the other cyclist sitting with his back.

In fact, a two-seater “tricycle” has not three wheels, but four – the fourth wheel is needed to provide additional stability.

Recumbent tricycle tandem bike.

Recumbent tandem tricycle

The recumbent tandem has many settings for maximum comfort and pedaling efficiency, as well as a good seat for a comfortable fit. The 24-speed transmission allows for easy climbs and descents.

Good tricycles for adults:

Tricycles are substantially larger than conventional tricycles, and therefore predominantly use 24 “or 26″ wheels. There are no tricycles with 29 ” or 28″ wheels.

Tricycle roof rack.

Car roof rack for tricycle towbar

You may need to additionally buy a roof rack for the car’s tow bar. Thus, you can expand your range of travel. See more Best tricycles for adults