How do you set up a kids bike

To make the saddle “just right height”, Good footing = easy to practice without training wheels. When choosing a bicycle for children, “saddle height” is an important point. Especially when choosing a pedal-less bike that kicks the ground with your feet or a bicycle for training without training wheels, it is very important to be able to kick the ground with your feet and support it firmly with both feet. For that reason, it is important that the saddle can be lowered to the height of the saddle that is easy to ride (easy to practice), that is, “good footing” and How do you set up a kids bike article this below


Does the saddle height differ depending on the bicycle?

Even with the same frame size and wheel size, the saddle adjustment range varies depending on the bicycle. Basically, all children’s bicycles have some saddle adjustment. However, be careful with full-scale sports brands and overseas-made sports-type children’s bicycles.


The saddle cannot be lowered for sports type!

Children’s size bicycles for competition and full-scale sports brands emphasize running performance and ease of pedaling and have a frame that is taller than general children’s bicycles and the saddle cannot be lowered very much. It is often adopted. These bicycles are designed on the assumption that you can ride a bicycle without training wheels, so they have poor footing and are not suitable for practicing bicycles without training wheels.

“Low floor type” with good feet. There are also disadvantages! ??

Among the general children’s bicycles, there is also a type called “low floor type” that can lower the saddle lower. The advantage of these bicycles is that you can ride with your feet on the ground even if you are short. On the other hand, extremely low floors have disadvantages such as a narrow saddle adjustment range and difficulty in pedaling when the saddle is lowered, so be careful.

The saddle can be raised and lowered greatly = a bicycle that can be ridden for a long time …

There is also a children’s bicycle that “can ride for a long time” because the saddle can be raised and lowered greatly. Certainly, the saddle adjustment range is a guideline for how long the bicycle can be used. However, the proper size of a bicycle is not determined solely by the height of the saddle. Since the size of the wheels and frame, the length of the crank, etc. are usually not adjustable, there is a limit to how long it can fit and be used. The saddle is low but the wheels and body are too large for the physique, and conversely, the saddle is high but the wheels and body are too small, which is unbalanced in extreme positions, not only easy to glue but also safe. But I’m worried. In the case of a child’s bicycle, it is good to know that even if you try to use one bicycle for as long as possible by adjusting the saddle, it is actually time to replace the bicycle itself as it grows. The changes in the body shape and physique of a growing child are so great.


How can I not fail in choosing a bicycle?

The ease of riding depends on the design of the bicycle and the body shape and physique of the child. When choosing any bike, we recommend that you check not only the size and saddle height as a guide but also the actual size!
After that, you can buy it at a bicycle specialty store that has a good understanding of bicycles, adjustment and maintenance techniques, and knowledge. It is also a fun experience for children to compare bicycles at the store and choose the one that suits them best. Encountering your favorite bike will encourage you to practice afterward and will surely affect your speed of improvement!

Let’s actually choose a bicycle!


When choosing a bicycle with training wheels

Sit on the saddle and check if you can adjust the saddle to a height where you can turn the pedals all the way down. The point is that your knees do not stretch (do not become a toe) even when you step on the pedal all the way down.
If you have training wheels, the vehicle will not fall even if you do not support it with both feet, but considering getting on and off alone, it can be said that the size that both feet do not touch the ground is too large. Even if your feet do not reach the ground firmly, at least the height of the saddle should be such that you can safely get on and off by yourself.

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When choosing a bicycle for debut without training wheels

Make sure you can lower the saddle so that your feet are well above the ground when straddling the saddle. By keeping your feet firmly on the ground, you can afford to feel that you can always support yourself without falling, and you can reduce the instability and fear of the bicycle.
However, it does not mean that “the lower the saddle, the better”. You don’t have to lower the saddle until your knees bend a lot when you put your feet on the ground, and if it’s too low, it’s harder to ride and improve. It would be nice if the height of the saddle could be adjusted so that the soles of both feet reach the ground so that the heels float lightly, and the knees are straight to bend light.

You should change the height of the saddle depending on the practice content!

It’s a good
the idea to raise the saddle when practicing pedaling. If you start practicing pedaling, raising the saddle a little will make it easier to ride, and it may be easier to master pedaling at once. The reason is that if you keep the same low saddle position as when practicing kicking, the bending and stretching of the foot that turns the pedal will be cramped. For this reason, your footing on the ground will be a little worse, but we recommend raising the saddle to make pedaling easier.
However, be aware that if the saddle is high, it will be difficult to balance when the vehicle is stopped. Please support until you improve, such as supporting it so that it will not fall when the vehicle is stopped.


Saddle height of bicycle without training wheels

The guideline for adjusting the saddle is that the heel floats lightly when both feet are on the ground at first. If you can ride well, you can raise the saddle little by little from there to make it easier to ride and even better.
However, for that purpose, the brakes must be able to stop firmly. And it is necessary to be able to stop only one foot on the ground while keeping one foot on the pedal when the vehicle is stopped. It is very dangerous to raise the saddle to an unbalanced height with one foot when the vehicle is stopped.
For adult bicycles, the saddle may have a height that allows only one foot or both feet to reach, with an emphasis on ease of riding. However, in the case of children’s bicycles that ride in parks and public roads, it is better for safety to keep the height of the saddle comfortable to some extent even after you can ride it.