BWM.Co Kids 12V Electric Powered Truck Ride On SUV w/ RC Indoor Outdoor Driving Toy Vehicle Red

The children’s electric car has ceased to be an exotic toy. You can meet them not only in parks, in rental areas, but also in ordinary courtyards. Every child already dreams of not just driving for at least half an hour, but also having their own electric car. Many parents wonder if they need to buy a children’s electric car. As practice shows, such a purchase will make the child happy for several summer seasons, when he will spend time on the street, driving his own sports car, jeeps, or motorcycle. In order not to rack your brains, choosing the best model from the hundreds presented in the catalog, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of the best models currently available on the domestic market.

This BWM.Co Kids 12V Electric Powered Truck Ride On SUV w/ RC Indoor Outdoor Driving Toy Vehicle Redrecomend Kids car your childrens.

BWM.Co Kids 12V Electric Powered Truck Ride On SUV w/ RC Indoor Outdoor Driving Toy Vehicle Red

Product Description:

  • 12V electric kids ride-on SUV with double drive motors is made from premium reinforced plastic, the car is lightweight, sturdy and durable for outdoor enjoyment, the stable wheels designed with knobby tread is wear-resistant and explosion-proof

  • With a push-start button, steering wheel, nonslip pedal, and 3 speed options, it can be easily driven forward or reverse by your little adventurer, providing an exciting driving experience, suitable for boys or girls at 36 to 72 months.

  • Equipped with a volume control button, multifunctional MP3 player, USB/SD slot, AUX outlet, and built-in music, this car allows to plug in media devices to play favourite music, stories and early education materials.

  • With a 2.4G remote control, a safety belt, parent can safely guide children to avoid potential danger; openable handle-style side doors and the limited speed design (3-5km/h) insure safety in driving, integrated front and rear bumper bars provide extra safety

  • Bright LED headlights make your kid the coolest among companions. The power and speed display insure a reliable driving. And a tire-shape trunk can be opened for necessary storage.

  • What to look for when choosing Children’s electric cars

    In addition to age, there are many parameters that can affect the choice of such a car. To make the toy not only interesting but also safe, you need to take them into account when choosing.

    Body and model

    This is the most important parameter for choosing a car. Children’s electric cars exactly repeat the car brands in appearance. There are several of the most popular models.

    “Jeep” is the best car, as they drive on any off-road. There are smaller versions of famous brands: BMW, Range Rover, Land Cruiser. These are large, reliable electric vehicles with seat belts and widely spaced wheels.

    The ATVs are also off-road. They are suitable for any age, there are models even for teenagers.

    “Sedans” is popular because of the exact copying of adult cars. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, Lamborghini are produced. Moreover, representatives of factories make sure that electric vehicles completely repeat them. They feature many realistic details.

    For those who want something unusual, a tank or a tractor is suitable.


    This parameter is very important as it ensures the safety of the child. The machine must withstand off-road driving, accidental collisions with obstacles.

    Brakes and seat belts

    These are the required functions. Seat belts protect your baby from injury. They are necessary, despite the fact that such a machine does not develop high speed. In addition, as in adult cars, there are foot and hand brakes.

    Remote Control

    This function is required for toddlers up to 3 years old. With the help of the control panel, parents can control the movement of the car.

    Shock absorbers

    The child’s comfort depends on the quality of the shock absorbers. After all, he will drive mainly off-road. A car without shock absorbers will react to all bumps and bumps in the road.


    The battery power must be appropriate for the weight of the car and the weight of the child. The heavier the vehicle, the faster the battery will drain.


    The wheels should be wide, rubber. This will allow you to move on any surface, not just asphalt. The wider the wheels are spaced, the more stable the car will be.

    Engine power

    It depends on the voltage. It can be 12, 24, or 36V. The higher this indicator, the more powerful the engine and the higher the speed of the children’s electric car.


    A small child does not need high speed. Therefore, if you buy a powerful model, you need to ensure that there is a limiter.

    Number of seats

    Single and double electric vehicles are produced. The second option is preferable for families with two children.


    Like adult cars, electric vehicles can be fitted with a variety of accessories. These can be headlights, turn signals, rear-view mirror, opening trunk, license plates. Often the set includes mats for the salon, tools for “repair”.

    When to give your child the first electric car

    According to the manufacturers, they produce models of children’s electric vehicles designed for different age categories. In the lineup of most well-known manufacturers, there are electric vehicles designed for the ride of one or two children, aged from 1 year. Therefore, if parents have a sufficient budget, they can please a child with a fantastic toy already in the second year after his birth.

    Such a gift has several positive aspects at once:

    having their own electric car, the child will feel more mature;

    many functions will allow you not only to ride but also to come up with a variety of games with

    vehicle involvement;

    a toy with an electric motor develops a sense of balance (when buying an electric motorcycle ), coordination of movements;

    the child develops a sense of responsibility, especially he skates with friends;

    while driving, parents can, in a playful way, acquaint the kid with the rules of the road, as well as teach primary driving skills;

    kids who have problems with communicating with peers will be able to attract the attention of other children, increase communication skills, add self-confidence, make new acquaintances and, perhaps, find a best friend for life;

    compared to the amount of money that parents give to the owners of children’s car rentals, buying a children’s electric car will not cost much.

    Of course, not everyone is able to buy a children’s electric car, therefore, when making such a gift to your child, it is necessary to explain that the toy is not a reason to be arrogant and behave arrogantly