BAOMEI Kids Bike 18/20 Inch,Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame,Kids’ Bikes with Training Wheel,7-14 Years Old Child Gift,Red, Blue, Green

The quality of a children’s bike is determined by a number of characteristics: reliability, convenience, and safety. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the age, height, weight of the child, and therefore, as they grow up, it is necessary to acquire another model that is more suitable for these criteria. However, it is not recommended to make a choice regarding low-quality products, since it is about the safety of children. In addition, the chances of selling a used bike of a popular

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BAOMEI Kids Bike 18/20 Inch,Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame,Kids' Bikes with Training Wheel,7-14 Years Old Child Gift,Red, Blue, Green

Product Description:

The table can be used as a side table, storage table, coffee table, coffee table around your home, perfect for drinks, snacks, books and other items.
The design of the bicycle takes into account the style. The details are what makes this bike unique. All combinations of these features make up a cool bike. Don’t forget that bright colors will definitely please any child’s taste.

About us:
With this bike, the children can leave an impression.
We believe that cycling is the first step in children’s freedom and independence.
As parents, we know what is important for a good bike: quality, functionality, safety, design and high value retention.
That’s why we produce lightweight and beautiful children’s bicycles.

Detachable support wheels, including
Very stable steel frame with deep and impact resistant multilayer coating
Balanced auxiliary wheels, enhanced by gravity, in line with national safety standards
ISO sealed bottom bracket with square and alloy bearings
German certified non-toxic safety fixture
Aluminum rim with extra-thick 40 cm (16 inch) pneumatic tires
Fully enclosed chain box
Child-friendly brake lever with comfortable adjustment

Scope of supply:
Pre-assembled 8 5%, final assembly takes at least 25 minutes
Detailed and graphical assembly instructions and instructions for use, including. Includes tools!

How do you choose the right bike for your child?

18 inches for children, height 43″ – 59″, age 7-13 years old.
20 inches for children, height 47″ – 65″, age 9-14 years old.

You can find the right brackets and other accessories in our store.
If you have any questions about the assembly or product, please feel free to contact customer service.

As an expert in the primary vehicle, we know exactly what is important detail. Believe in our innovation and proven quality.
We are committed to providing you

5 tips for choosing a kids bike

 1. Consider the age of the child.

Choose a bike designed for your child’s age and fitness level.

For toddlers sitting in strollers these days, Miwa’s friends are the perfect solution. The stable and easy-to-use design is ideal for pedaling and wheel hold training.

It is intended for “four-wheeled” bicycles for children 95-115 cm (3-6 years old). They already look like adult models, but they have some features. The main thing is the presence of removable safety wheels attached to the rear wheels. While the child is learning to ride a two-wheeled “horse”, they do not allow him to fall to his side if he is out of balance.

The side wheels can no longer be attached to teenage models and are very similar to older bikes, but smaller and lighter. This group is designed for children 115-155 cm tall (6-13 years old).

2. Focus on the growth of the child.

Not all children grow on average. Therefore, when buying a bike, it is guided not only by the age and riding level of the future owner but also by his height-the diameter of the wheels and the length of the bike frame depend on him. To find out which wheel fits your child, divide the height by 2.5 and then by 2.54 (1-inch cm). For example, height 110 cm: 110 / 2.5 / 2.54 = 17.3 inches. Therefore, you should choose a bike with 16-inch or 18-inch wheels. Wheel diameters for children and teenagers are 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, or 24 inches.

In addition to the wheel size, it is important to choose the right frame length.

The optimum distance from the handlebars to the front edge of the seat is from the elbows to the child’s toes.

3. Try it on before you buy it.

When making a purchase, ask your child to “try on” the bike. The distance between the frame and the crotch should be at least 10 cm so that you can easily jump off while moving, if necessary. Adjust the seat and steering wheel so that your feet reach the pedals without hindrance. The “pilot” does not have to lean against the steering wheel and lean forward.

Don’t try to bring your bike “for growth”. The wrong size can cause control problems and can result in falls and injuries.

4. Purchase at a specialty store.

It’s better to buy a bike at a sporting goods store than at a children’s store where the bike is just one of the toys. Children’s store sellers may not be able to give good advice on their choices and in terms of quality it may turn out to be really a “toy”-bright, beautiful, but long-term use Not suitable for.

Specialty stores have a much wider choice of models and brands. Famous brands of preschool and teenage bikes-Stels, Author, Stark, Cannondale, Ghost, Kross, Schwinn.

5. Consider your child’s opinion.

When making a purchase, do not rely solely on the advice of sales assistants or online acquaintances. Once you have chosen your bike according to its technical characteristics, have future owners evaluate it. It is important that the child feels important when making important decisions such as buying a new, personal, coolest, and coolest transport.

Choosing a children’s bike by wheel size

A child who has learned to walk moves physically – during this time he needs a bicycle In addition to the simple pleasures, a three- or four-wheeled vehicle allows babies to quickly use the energy they have accumulated, develop their calf muscles and learn to ride two-wheeled bicycles for adults.

Choosing a children’s bike by wheel size In order for the child not to get tired too quickly and feel comfortable, you need to choose the right transport size, especially:

Frame size;

Wheel diameter.

In general, the size of the bike is determined by two parameters.

Determine how to select a children’s bike based on two criteria: the baby’s age or height.

How to choose a children’s bike by age

Up to adolescence, children are the same height, plus or minus a few centimeters, so we will distribute the size of the bikes according to their age.

If the child has a non-standard height, then this should be taken into account and determine the preferred transport options for this indicator. To perform this task, please refer to the table below.

On average, the child’s height corresponds to a certain age:

1 year – 80-86 cm.

2 years – 92-95 cm.

3 years – 95-100 cm.

4 years – 102-107 cm.

5 years – 108-112 cm.

6 years old – 114-119 cm.

7 years old – 120-125 cm.

8 years old – 126-130 cm.

9 years old – 132-136 cm.

10 years old – 138-143 cm.

When choosing a bicycle wheel diameter, we are guided by the specified norms. If the height of the child is greater or less than the specified value, pay attention to him first, and do not give age.

Which bike to buy for children under 3 years old?

Young children are just learning to pedal on their own, so it is better to choose a lightweight three-wheel model. Usually, there are bicycles with handles for parents.

Some parents have taken their little ones on a bicycle with small side wheels from the age of 2.

This age corresponds to the smallest wheel diameter – 12 ”. Adjusting the seat height allows the bike to be used for 4-5 years.

Buy a bike for 1.5 – 3 years

How old is a 14-inch bike?

The next bike size category is 14 ”. It also has removable side wheels, chain protectors, and a large seat.

Such bicycles are suitable for children up to three years – with a gradual increase in saddle height, children can skate up to five or six years.

16 “bike – how old is it?

Bikes with sixteen-inch wheels are similar to their predecessors, often with a hand brake. On this model, the side wheels are positioned at an angle to keep the baby feeling balanced.

From the age of five, the child will be able to ride the bicycle after switching to an adult two-wheeled vehicle.