Balance Bike for Kids 1 2 3 Year Old, No Pedal Training Walking Bicycle, Unisex Toddler Bike for Boys and Girls

An active lifestyle is at its peak today. A children’s balance bike is a great opportunity to spend time actively in the fresh air, it is an inexhaustible source of joy and positive emotions, as well as an exercise machine for muscle development. Cycling helps to train the muscles of the legs, back, and arms, and also perfectly develops the vestibular apparatus. Every year, manufacturers produce more and more different children’s models, which differ in wheel diameter, frame size, quality of components, and design. Among all this variety, it is not so easy to choose a suitable one. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right bicycle for children worries many parents. Moreover, the cost of bikes is growing constantly, which makes us approach this issue more and more carefully and carefully.

This Balance Bike for Kids 1 2 3 Year Old, No Pedal Training Walking Bicycle, Unisex Toddler Bike for Boys and Girls best recomend balance bikes for your kids.

Balance Bike for Kids 1 2 3 Year Old, No Pedal Training Walking Bicycle, Unisex Toddler Bike for Boys and Girls

Product Description:

Walking balance bike is the best choice of caring parents for little riders. Balance bike for toddlers helps to improve coordination and confidence, learn how to balance on a walking bicycle, and get ready for real bike.
No pain for parents.Balance bike no pedal is simple is use, very easy to assemble and does not require any maintenance. Ready to go push bike for the youngest cyclist.
Comfort and Easy in Use Toddler balance bike

How to choose a balance bike for your child

Children who learn to ride a bicycle with the help of the attached wheels are less and less common. Many people immediately get on a two-wheeled bicycle, because before that they rode a balance bike. A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals. The child pushes off with his legs, like on a machine, but at the same time, he masters two-wheeled transport.

You can name the following arguments for purchasing this type of child transport:

  • balance bike improves coordination and motor skills;
  • develops a sense of balance;
  • teaches a child to ride a two-wheeled bicycle without an increased risk of falling;
  • amortization allows you to ride on uneven roads;
  • suitable for small children from two years old.

If you are thinking about buying the best balance bike, but do not know where to start, then you should think about the following selection criteria:

  • the weight and size of the balance bike – all children are different, so it is important to see not only the recommended age but also the parameters of the balance bike;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the steering wheel and seat is an important point if you want to ride it for one season;
  • amortization – if you want to ride on uneven roads;
  • the quality of the wheels of the balance bike – solid or inflatable of smaller or larger diameter;
  • the presence of a footboard so that the child can put tired legs;
  • the presence of a hand brake will help protect the shoes from braking with the toes of the boots.

Much depends on the desired lifespan since most models can be divided according to the age of the child. Consider the best – according to mothers and experts – popular balance bikes.

Why buy a balance bike

There are several reasons for this: Balance bike perfectly develops handling equipment There are no other means of transport for infants that provide powerful and natural loads. Overvoltages are certainly not excluded as the child regulates the exercise intensity on his own. He pushes out as hard as he needs it now and lifts his legs and balances the moment he’s ready.

The balance bike develops remarkably coordination, hand, eye, and leg coordination increases the speed of reaction. In order to ride successfully, the child must choose a comfortable rhythm of movement, the desired trajectory, and after that, with the exact movement of the body, perform maneuvers, all of this happens in a split second!

The balance bike has an ergonomic shape that is different from the Tolocar. The child’s legs are in a comfortable position, expulsion occurs due to the natural movement there is no excessive load on the joints.

Children can ride a balance bike for a long time and move at a relatively high speed. Now, taking a family walk will be much more pleasant because you don’t have to go too late and stop near each bush, your child will ride in front of you, and you and your husband will take a leisurely hug.

Babies quickly learn to maintain balance. It will be useful for him in life because a sense of balance is not just the ability to ride bikes, roller skates, and skates. But also neural stability, a sense of self-confidence, and the ability to navigate. In difficult situations Yes, everything is connected, our body, mind, and emotions are inseparable.

Balance bicycle intensively improves the brain Early childhood development is sensory-motor. In other words, in order to develop successfully, children need to move a lot and feel a lot. The more varied movements a baby has, the more the body has to work in harmony with, the more the brain develops. That is, riding a balance bike will make your child smarter and smarter.

The balance bike perfectly develops the musculoskeletal system, providing ample load for all muscle groups, as you know, in a healthy body there is a healthy mind!

Balance bikes are very easy to convert into two wheels. My son did it at the age of 3 years and 9 months. He went for the third time.

Most balance bikes are height-adjustable and “grow” with children.

A balance bike is very easy to learn to ride.

And lastly the most important !!! Kids like crazy

Why the kid doesn’t want to ride a balance bike

Most children over 2 years of age learn the balance bike instantly. Immediately after buying, they want to ride as quickly as possible and they can do it easily. But there are kids who can’t skate right away and it takes a lot of time to master, and some even refuse to get into the saddle and why the kid doesn’t want to ride a balance bike, Below are 7 things you should know.

What’s the matter?

The reasons are different for everyone. We will consider the problems that most often arise in young children and prevent them from quickly mastering the bike scooter. We will also offer options for solving and preventing these problems, but you need to understand that these are not the only options. Mom and Dad know their child better, and only they themselves can understand how best to solve the problem in their situation, and our options will help them quickly find the right solution.

Possible options:

1) The high height of the balance bike does not allow the entire foot to push off normally, as a result, it is difficult to ride and overcome obstacles.


  • choose the right model for growth;
  • wear shoes with thick soles;
  • use special pads on the sole;
  • wait until the crumb grows up;
  • buy a smaller model.

2) The crumb still does not have enough strength for the weight of the selected balance bike, it is too heavy.

This problem can occur in young children, around the age of 2 years. It seems that the model was chosen correctly for the growth of the baby, but he has difficulties in moving around. If the baby is tall but weighs less than average and at the same time his muscles of the legs, back, and arms are poorly developed, then a heavy model may not fit. For example, when he is moving over an obstacle, he must briefly lift almost the entire weight of the scooter while standing on his feet, which is not so simple. With the strength of the hands, the baby must turn the steering wheel. If he is going down a hill or just accelerated, then when braking with his feet, there should be enough strength to stop the balance bike traveling by inertia. After all, a hand brake is rarely found in bicycle races for the smallest, but even if there is a hand brake, then the strength of the hand may not be enough. If the baby likes to climb the slide to get off it, then he will quickly get tired,


  • take into account the weight of the scooter when buying;
  • small children up to 2-2.5 years old, buy a plastic balance bike for one season;
  • help the baby to drive up the slides at first;
  • buy a lighter model;
  • develop muscles in other ways by encouraging physical activity.

3) Baby is afraid of losing another vehicle.

For example, he has a favorite scooter that he loves to ride or a car, and the kid is afraid to try something else. What if your favorite scooter will be given to your little brother? What if the machine gets offended and disappears?


  • you need to offer to ride, but not insist;
  • to divide transport by use cases, for example, a balance bike – to ride in the yard, a scooter – for trips to the store and walks with grandma, and a toolkit – at home.
  • show other children riding bicycles and cars in turn.

4) The kid clearly picks up the doubts of dad or mom.

Some children catch the slightest doubt of their parents. For example, mom doubts, what if her child falls down or dad does not understand why even ride such a strange bike without pedals. Children value the opinion of their parents very much, so if the kid sees that one of the parents does not like the balance bike, he can refuse it. After all, he does not know what this incomprehensible thing is, maybe mom is absolutely right, and it is better not to approach this thing?


  • solve this problem among adult family members, discuss all doubts and come to a common opinion;
  • explain to your little son or daughter all the advantages of the balance bike, but to warn you that you can’t accelerate too much – it’s dangerous.

5) The kid is just afraid

It so happens that both dad and mom really want their baby to ride a balance bike, but he is very afraid. Maybe he has already fallen off the scooter, or maybe he has a highly developed sense of self-preservation, this sometimes happens and this is normal.


  • talk to your son or daughter, tell how easy it is to ride this beautiful cycle scooter;
  • show the kid other children riding on balance bikes;
  • no need to rush, let go with a bike ride around the house;
  • at first, choose flat surfaces for riding;
  • buy a helmet for the head and protection for arms and legs, tell the little one that if he falls, this equipment will protect him.

6) Uncomfortable clothes or shoes

It is convenient to ride a cycle scooter in the same clothes and shoes, in which it is convenient to run. Heavy high boots, hot, non-breathable, and uncomfortable clothing, restrict movement and are not suitable for riding. During physical activity, the baby can get hot. If the clothes do not allow air to pass through, then the baby may not have enough oxygen during physical activity, because some of it enters through the skin, and in children, skin air exchange is greater than in adults. Symptoms of a lack of oxygen are fatigue and headache.


  • no need to warm up too much, dress for the weather;
  • opt for comfortable, breathable clothing designed for outdoor activities.

7) Bad training season or uneven ground.

Riding on snow or ice is much more difficult than riding on flat asphalt, so buying a bike ride in winter and skating right away is not a good idea. The snow sticks to the wheels and greatly complicates the repulsion, which significantly increases the resistance to movement and the energy consumption of the crumbs, he quickly gets tired and does not want to ride. Broken asphalt or sand is also difficult to drive.


  • choose the spring, summer, or fall season for training, good weather, and a flat, dry surface.


What age balance bike

At what age should I challenge what kind of vehicle? Choosing a bike to think about by age. An infant child who grows up with each passing month. Tricycles, foot bikes, bicycles … Many people may be wondering, “How old are you, at what stage, and what kind of vehicle should you challenge?”. What age balance bike suitable for children and how article this below?
This time, we will introduce the types and timing of vehicles that children will begin to challenge .
Please use this as a reference for “the age at which dads and moms can start playing with vehicles while watching over”, not “the age at which they can manage alone”.

Balance bike 1 year old

A vehicle that cultivates a sense of balance from the stage of standing up

Balance bike 1 year old

Did you know that there are vehicles that even children who are just starting to get hold of can take on the challenge?
Even a one-year-old child has introduced a “training bike” that can develop athletic ability through the fun and experience of “riding a vehicle” .
At first, just holding onto the bike and standing up or sitting in the saddle is sufficient. For children, that alone will change the height of their eyes and create a fresh experience that will expand the world. In addition, if you get used to the bike and can move forward with your feet, you will develop dynamic visual cognition. In addition, you can ride alone, change direction, adjust speed, and so on. By accumulating the experience that “even if it was difficult at first, I became able to do what I wanted as I continued to take on challenges,” I get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
A one-year-old child absorbs a lot of things, and the number of things he can do is increasing. Please take on the challenge of playing with vehicles and experience various emotions.
By the way, it is dangerous to go outdoors and practice at this age. If you choose tires, handles, and other soft materials for indoor use, it will be easier to play without worrying about damaging the floor or walls.

Balance bike 2 year old

 A tricycle that is highly effective for the development of children

Balance bike 2 year old

As the strength of the legs gradually increases and you start walking, many people may think about choosing a vehicle in earnest. In recent years, foot-operated motorcycles have become popular because they get used to the same “two-wheeled vehicles” as bicycles, but it is also true that many children are afraid of unstable two-wheeled vehicles and feel a sense of resistance to playing with vehicles.
In such a case, it is recommended to choose a “tricycle” that is more stable than a foot bike.
Some people may wonder, “Are you a tricycle today?” But in reality, a tricycle has a huge impact on a child’s development.
Of particular note is the development of the trunk . The play of a tricycle that “pedals while maintaining a good posture” is ideal for core training. It is said that if you train your core during this period, you will improve your posture, acquire the sense of balance required in various sports, and even make it harder for you to fall.
Pedaling is a surprisingly difficult movement for children. Therefore, being able to ride a tricycle well is a play that gives children a great sense of accomplishment and a sense of self.

Balance bike 3 year old

 A foot bike that cultivates a sense of balance and braking

Balance bike 3 year old

If you are able to run, jump, and use your feet to develop more and more motor functions, why not try a “two-wheeled bike/foot bike” that uses your feet.
The merit of a foot-operated motorcycle is that you can acquire a high sense of balance unique to a two-wheeled vehicle that makes good use of weight transfer. By the time you reach the age of two, your instinctive desire to “move your body” will arise as your athletic ability develops, and your ego will begin to sprout and you will begin to feel that you want to do it yourself. Playing with a foot-operated bike while balancing and kicking with your feet is a good challenge for children at that time, and is also ideal for mental development. Moreover, it is said that by learning to accelerate with your feet while taking a forward-leaning posture, you can easily make a quick start.
However, what you should pay attention to when playing with a foot bike is “brake operation”.
If you remember to stop and brake with your foot, that habit will remain when you switch to a bicycle, which may cause you to fall or cause an accident. Considering the next step of “riding a bicycle”, it is also recommended to choose a foot bike with brakes.

Balance bike 4 year old

 Finally challenge the bicycle!. Around the age of four, it’s time to get bigger and take on the challenge of “biking .” It’s time to step up when the tricycle or foot bike you’ve been playing until then feels small or unsatisfactory. Please try to make your bicycle debut. You will be able to feel the great growth of your child by becoming able to ride.

Balance bike 4 year old
What you should be careful about when choosing a bicycle is “a feeling of size”. Bicycles that do not fit your child’s body are difficult to ride and improve.
There are various types of children’s bicycles. For more information on how to choose a bicycle.

The information introduced this time is just a guide. There are individual differences in the relationship between vehicles and age/month age.
The most important thing is to take steps comfortably and become familiar with the vehicle. When playing with vehicles, please refer to the growth rate of your child and the characteristics of the vehicles listed here. See best balance bike for adults