2021 Mercedes Maybach G650 Ride On Kids Car w/ Remote – Large 12V Battery Licensed Kid Car to Drive 3 Speeds, Leather Seat, MP3 Wireless Music, Rubber Tires – Pink

How to choose a good electric car for your child Advice from experts Want to give the child a gift that will bring maximum happiness and will be remembered for the rest of their lives, most friends, parents, or other close people decide to buy an electric car for children. When a surprise gift was received, the children were delighted, and the beautiful and sophisticated car with a set of interactive, battery-powered functions has been their favorite toy for years

This 2021 Mercedes Maybach G650 Ride On Kids Car w/ Remote – Large 12V Battery Licensed Kid Car to Drive 3 Speeds, Leather Seat, MP3 Wireless Music, Rubber Tires – Pinkrecomend Kids car your childrens.

2021 Mercedes Maybach G650 Ride On Kids Car w/ Remote - Large 12V Battery Licensed Kid Car to Drive 3 Speeds, Leather Seat, MP3 Wireless Music, Rubber Tires - Pink

Product Description:

Assembled Dimensions: Length – 44″, Height – 20″, Width – 26″ (With Mirrors). Seat Width – 14.5″, Seat Depth – 7.5″, Dashboard to the back of the seat (Legroom) – 16″

Types of Kids Cars

Electric cars, similar to adult vehicles, are divided into several categories:

classic four-wheeled vehicles, which include: jeeps, cars, tractors, agricultural machinery ;

motor vehicles, which are subdivided into ATVs and motorcycles ;

buggy is a cross-country vehicle for children with high ground clearance and massive rubber.

Functionality and characteristics of electric vehicles

In addition to the stylish appearance and brand of the car, you should pay attention to a number of other important points:

the higher the operating voltage, the more powerful the engine, and accordingly the higher the maximum speed and acceleration dynamics. For the smallest, cars with a voltage of 6 volts or 12 volts are suitable, for teenagers it is better to buy a children’s electric car with a voltage of 24 volts or 36 volts;

the maximum speed should be appropriate for the age of the child. The smallest ones often cannot adequately assess the speed at which they are traveling, so in such cases, it is better to choose a model with a speed limiter or a gearbox that allows you to turn off the overdrive;

deaf or opening doors. The second option makes it possible to get into the car more comfortably, and also allows you to diversify the gameplay;

a number of motors and drives. There are models where there can be from one to four electric motors, which makes it possible to transmit torque both only to the rear axle and separately to each wheel ( jeeps with a 4×4 electric motor );

type of wheels installed. Both plastic solid tires and rubber tires can be installed on the children’s electric car. The first ones are suitable for riding only on asphalt or concrete, the second ones make it possible to ride on gravel stones and rough terrain;

remote control. Almost all modern cars are equipped with a remote control that works using a radio signal or a Bluetooth connection. The remote control allows you to control the speed and route of movement from a distance, excluding the possibility of a little driver getting into an accident.

When to give your child the first electric car

According to the manufacturers, they produce models of children’s electric vehicles designed for different age categories. In the lineup of most well-known manufacturers, there are electric vehicles designed for the ride of one or two children, aged from 1 year. Therefore, if parents have a sufficient budget, they can please a child with a fantastic toy already in the second year after his birth.

Such a gift has several positive aspects at once:

having their own electric car, the child will feel more mature;

many functions will allow you not only to ride but also to come up with a variety of games with

vehicle involvement;

a toy with an electric motor develops a sense of balance (when buying an electric motorcycle ), coordination of movements;

the child develops a sense of responsibility, especially he skates with friends;

while driving, parents can, in a playful way, acquaint the kid with the rules of the road, as well as teach primary driving skills;

kids who have problems with communicating with peers will be able to attract the attention of other children, increase communication skills, add self-confidence, make new acquaintances and, perhaps, find a best friend for life;

compared to the amount of money that parents give to the owners of children’s car rentals, buying a children’s electric car will not cost much.

Of course, not everyone is able to buy a children’s electric car, therefore, when making such a gift to your child, it is necessary to explain that the toy is not a reason to be arrogant and behave arrogantly