How to choose a children's bicycle

Introducing how to choose a children's bicycle and recommended products. There are many types of children's bicycles, but what points should you be careful about when choosing one? Learn about the types and characteristics of children's bicycles, How to choose a children's bicycle, and use them to help you choose the right bicycle.

Some parents are thinking about buying a bicycle for their children, such as "Children want a bicycle", "Should I practice topless by the elementary school?", "I don't know how to choose a bicycle for children". Not a few.

However, there are many types of bicycles for children, and there are various niches. It's not uncommon for people to be wondering which one to choose ...

Choosing the right bike for your child is essential not only to help you improve your bike but also to enjoy it safely.

Let's try to choose the perfect bicycle for your child by referring to the selection method and recommended types of children's bicycles introduced here.

Features of children's bicycles

You should start thinking about buying a bicycle when your child is two or three years old.

Around that time, my children began to be interested in vehicles with tires and began to want various vehicles such as bicycles and tricycles.

Normally, adult bicycles have features such as "with lights and keys" and "the shape and design of tires and handles differ depending on the type", but children's bicycles (especially models for infants) have lights and keys. There are many things that are not attached.

In addition, there is a wide variety of bicycles for adults, such as "for a city", "for mountain biking", and "for racing", but not so many types of bicycles for children.

The characteristic of children's bicycles is that they are not as diverse as adult bicycles, but are often "transformed" into various shapes.

For example, some bicycles that 2-year-olds like are equipped with "detachable wheels and pedals", so you can enjoy two ways: strider and bicycle.

Bicycles with removable pushrods will also be comfortable for younger children who can't pedal themselves.


  • Many children's bicycles are designed to be "used for a long time" because they have removable parts.
  • Since I rarely drive at night or in the city, I often do not have lights or keys.


Kinds of children's bicycles, other child developmental toys

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What are the key points when choosing a child's bicycle?

Even if you say a bicycle for children, the bicycle you should choose depends on the age, height, and body shape of the child.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when choosing a bicycle for your child. To protect your child's safety, please pay attention to the following points when choosing a bicycle.

Recommended inches for children

When choosing a bicycle for a child, it is important to first know the "inch that fits your child's height". As a guide, we will introduce the adaptive height for each inch below.

  • 14 inches 92-107 cm
  • 16 inches 98-119 cm
  • 18 inches 103-125 cm
  • 20 inches 111-140 cm
  • 22 inches 116-145 cm
  • 24 inches 120-151 cm

The above is just a guideline for your height, so it may be slightly different depending on your leg length and body shape.

Consider the following points, taking into account the inch for your height.


Whether the toes of both feet touch the ground

For your child to enjoy the bike safely, make sure that the toes of both feet touch the ground when straddling the saddle.

In particular, if you want to practice without a top or if you can ride without a top and the day is short, it is very dangerous if the toes of both feet do not touch the ground. Make sure your toes are firmly on the ground and balanced.


Can you clench the brakes?

When choosing a bicycle for children, it is important to "choose an inch that suits your height" and "make sure that the toes of both feet touch the ground", but another thing to remember is "hold the brakes firmly". Whether it can be grasped or not. "

Especially if you are thinking "I want to buy a slightly larger bicycle assuming that I will grow taller", the size of the bicycle may not match the size of the child's body, so there is a possibility that the force to grip the brakes will not be applied. There is also.

If you can't hold the brakes firmly when riding your bike, you may not be able to apply the brakes properly while riding.

For a safe stop, be sure to check that you can hold the brakes firmly.


Kids Bikes Design

When choosing a children's bicycle, it was important to choose a bicycle that was the right size for the child's body.

However, children often respond to "cool" and "cute", and no matter how perfect the safety performance is, they may not look at a bicycle that does not suit their taste.

In order for children to enjoy bicycles, it is important to choose a bicycle with a "design that children like".

If you choose a bicycle with a character and color that your child likes, you will be more interested in bicycles and will be able to enjoy them.

First of all, let's pay attention to "characters that children are addicted to" and "colors and patterns that children like" to help them choose a bicycle.